Neurological Disorders*Your Brain

The Statistics are tremendous and the diseases can be progressive. Here are some resources.

Alzheimer\’s Association Northen California and Northen NevadaAmerican Medical Association

Alcohol and drug information/U.S. Department of Helath and Human Services

American College of Neuropharmacology

Aphasia: General information, support groups, and communication.

Bicycle Helmet Safety Institute

Brain and mental fitness commercial site

Brain Book Life Management System

Brain Aneurysm Foundation

Brain Injury Association of America

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Children\’s issues

EEG Biofeedback information

Family Caregiver Alliance

Hotline for head injury information

Hydrocephalus Association


National Aphasia Association

National Council on Disability

National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke

National Institute of Health

National Library of Medicine

National Rehabilitation Information Center

National Resource Center for Traumatic Brain Injury

Neuroscience Center


Social Security Administration

Traumatic Brain Injury Chatroom


Whole Brain Atlas

World Health Organization

OSHU Brain Institute 

Suggested Reading

Complex Regional Pain Syndrome CRPS/RSD

Supporting RSDA