Healing Through Movement and Dance

Cornerstone of Self Care and Self Awareness without judgement or reproach


Patient Advocate Education

Self Massage, Breath, Imagery & Body Play to find pathways to Relieve Pain, Restore Ease and Regain Pleasure in Every Day Movements.

Provide Care Management, Body Solutions, Elder Care, Health and Wellness Coach and Help Navigate Outpatient Health Care

Our Services

Advocate For All Bodies

Focus on Fundamental Movement and Proprioceptive Trainings. Encourage self reliance and promote self organization.

Self Massage

Body-Lessons uses Self Massage, Breath, Imagery & Body Play to find pathways to Relieve Pain and Restore Ease.

Ground Movements

Therapeutic Power of Ground Based Movements as a Rehab. Workshops for poor coordination and control .


Individual or Group Sessions, Single Session Consults or Ongoing Case Management Assistance

Healty Steps Lebed

Services and support for Chronic Illness and Case Management or remote assistance via Skypes.


Reawakening the mind's control of movement, flexibility and health.

Self Massage

Workshops geared for pain relief, functional anatomy, proprioceptive integration.


Feldenkrais, Alexander Technique, Authentic Movement, 5 Rhythms and Franklin Method.

Team Building

Focus On Fundamental Movement

The American Academy of Family Physicians indicated 60% of all HMO visits are made by people with no diagnosable disorder- the ' worried well' . Many of these symptoms related to a patient's psychosocial functioning- depression, anxiety, social isolation and overwork.

At least one third of chest pain cardiology patients with near normal coronary arteries have been found to be suffering from panic disorder.

The American Academy of Pain Medicine report 26 million people complain of back pain at some point in their lives. Some 25.3 million people report pain every day. In the US alone patients with musculoskeletal conditions incurred total annual medical care costs of approximately $240 billion ofwhich $77 billion was related to musculoskeletal conditions.