What your Doctor wants to tell you…


In case you haven\’t heard, we\’re broken. Our health care system is overloaded and in a state of limbo with the current administration. Even if and when it is fixed, we/us/it are unprepared to deal with our increasing populations of aging, dying and chronic pain. We\’ve a shortage of primary care physicians entering med school and a population whose increasing dependence on our current workers is unrelenting.

While this tongue in cheek video, or so it seems that way because it is animated, it would be way to depressing otherwise, points out the problems facing docs and patients…it does little to foster a solution. Except stop putting things up your but! Talking about buts, the one solution I can think of is to get our heads out of our asses and start implementing a little self care, learn resiliency, and consider that we save \”Health Care\” for when we are sick, like Cancer and Heart Disease. You know they top the list for highest mortality rates in US right?

And know we are going to start another war on drugs, a National Emergency you say?
Then we run the risk of killing our ever decreasing supply of docs? Not to mention what it will do to us as potential patients, and I think the people who will do war on drugs are also potential patients and probably have their own stash of vicodin, benzos or other mood altering meds in their cabinet.
Not sure why America is leading in opiate addictions and deaths associated with it. Over prescribing, ease of access, is decriminalization the answer?

You get where I\’m going with this? Doesn\’t look so promising.

Self Care as Health Care. And you know I\’m not suggesting treating diseases like Cancer or Heart Disease, or doing surgery on yourself, well only if you want to.

What are you doing for self care? 75% of Cancers are caused by lifestyle factors. On  that list of contributing factors of increased mortality along with smoking, uncontrolled hypertension etc. is sedentarism, lack of mobility and underuse.


Do your bod a favor, put your favorite music on an dance, even if it\’s just swaying to the beat, or if that\’s not your thing go for a walk.

All the respect,