Drug Costs and Patient Centered Solutions

Notice I didn\’t say in defense of pharmaceutical industry! I\’ve been working in the Health Care Industry long enough to remember some of the perks and incentives offered by pharmaceutical companies. Unapologetic, I enjoyed pens, staplers and an assortment of office accouterments, all emboldened with logos of various drug giants. I may have smirked at the recounting of gulf trips my employers (physicians) had enjoyed at the expense of such drug giants.  While they\’d be patting themselves on the back for their free trip, there was always, at the core of the whole endeavor, satisfaction knowing we\’d have drugs to give to our patients.

In an ideal world, our Health Care System would be patient focused, patient education based and encouragement of self  care.  There no longer is the opportunity for most practitioners to develop a relationship with a patient that allows the level of communication that fosters this relationship.  I can complain and spell out the ways it\’s not working for us, but I\’d rather give some solutions.

Here are a couple of opportunities for saving money on your medications.






Don\’t forget to look online for your branded drugs, where there is no generic. The companys will often offer coupons or subsidy for qualified patients.

Also, did you know that sometimes just paying out of pocket without using your insurance can save you loads of cash! If you use generics, and now a days, some generics which have been around for a long time are more expensive than newer branded drugs.   PSST! This works great if you are in the doughnut hole.
Using this strategy, you go to a pharmacy that doesn\’t have your existing insurance info, meaning you haven\’t shopped there before and purchase away.  You might explore an existing generic for your branded drug or have your doc switch you to a formulary drug approved by your plan.

Good luck and know that all the links above have been tried and tested and are good resources.


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