Finding Space

The new year has brought  a lot of wonderful opportunities to my table. Along with these great things coming up, are obligations and deadlines all involving the computer.

As I continue to strive for more space between my joints, softness in my musculature and ease in my movements, being on the computer seems more and more unappealing! I\’m finding a parallel in the goal of tending to my body and sharing this work that I\’m also wanting more space in my life.

I\’ve been a dance teacher long enough to remember when videos were via VHS, not YouTube and any communication with students or potential students was via word of mouth or written text on paper.

I\’ve been a nurse long enough to remember when the most contact I had with a computer was using a digital EKG or heart monitor and the bulk of communication was spoken and documentation was handwritten.

I\’ve been in this body long enough to remember what it felt like to hear my body\’s voice when it wasn\’t over run by the constant demands of my never-ending taskmaster in my brain.

My body has developed a voice of her own that is quite distinct from the taskmaster, and I want to listen to her for a while.  I miss her!

I\’m still motivated to share, and that will happen again, either via this blog or videos.

Until then, join me in my next workshop
Self Massage and Body Play for Every Body
April 19, 2015 12:15-3:15PM at
Suzie\’s Studio in San Rafael, Ca.

Going for a walk in the dark……ciao

What are you doing to keep space open?