6 Stops on the Road To Aqaba


I should have checked my Body Map before I left for the Middle East.
Actually, \”Body Maps\” refers to the imprints that our brain holds for movement. Areas that sense, coordinate and categorize movements and body parts.  But this map, is me.
1/ Alabama I cut my left palm climbing a fence when I was 2 yrs. old.
2/ Honolulu I broke my hamate bone in my left hand when I was 5 , actually someone else broke it for me!
3/ Waikiki My left ankle was punctured with a fishing spear when I was 6 yrs old.
4/ Cape Elizabeth, Maine I twisted my left knee running down a hill when I was 11.
5/ Scheherazade Night Club in South San Francisco, Ca.I got a bursitis in my left hip after I landed in a left front lunge going down a staircase.
6/ SF. Ca.I got a boo boo when I was in a car accident in 1994. I was broadsided on the driver\’s side (mine), rear-ended, then I rear-ended the person in front of me. So you can see the 6\’s are kind of random!
7/ Aqaba, Jordan I broke my left arm (medial radius) after a fall, no, not a fall, I tripped and flew 12 feet landing on cold tile floor in a restroom in  January 2012, the first day of Mubarak\’s trial. Don\’t ask me why I remember that.
I could have seen this coming. I really should have checked the map before my departure.

What\’s your Body Map telling you?

Click here if you want to \”map \” yourself!