Body Lessons with Terry

\"image\"Body Lessons Self Massage and Body Play for Dancers

January 3, 2016 12:15-3:15 PM

$25 prepay by December 15, 2015 PayPal to or $40 at the door

Suzie\’s Studio 425 Irwin St. San Rafael, Ca.
415-897-3281 to RSVP

Tight, Sore Muscles?
Are you tight because you are moving inefficiently or not moving enough.
We get tight because our muscles get hyper-tonic because of overuse, chronic use or spasmed because of injury. Are you wanting to develop self-awareness and learn tools for your own somatic exploration and self-care?
In this class we will learn self massage techniques using your hands, body weight and other commonly available tools ( provided with class fee)  for pain relief or as practice before you work out. I like mine every day, but I\’m high maintenance! Learn to “scan” your body for chronic muscle tension. Explore a functional breath pattern and how it might restore suppleness and ease of movement in your neck, torso and pelvis. Learn gentle decompression techniques to maximize joint space and preserve our joints. (You do want to keep them, right)?  Gentle, yet powerful, energy work, movements and visualizations to test and restore your joint\’s range of motion, enabling an ease in movement and a dynamic balance.

For those who have attended  this workshop, we will review basic anatomy and techniques used in earlier workshops and learn to find trigger points in the lower limb and self release to restore ease in the hip, knee and ankle.

Great for all bodies.