Welcome Body-lessons

Body Lessons is a marriage of Terry's dedication to the goal of promoting education, physical literacy and self care. A life long dancer, instructor and patient advocate with 30 years of OJT providing patient care in a variety of clinical settings, where she is known as "Mother Teresa", the Bowel Queen and on occasion as Nurse Ratchett.

A Physical Therapy Aide (PTA), Certified Medical Assistant (CMA), Certified Lebed Method (CLM), ACE, CPR and Advanced Life Support (ALS) certified, Geriatric Certification (AAMa) and a Somatic Exercise Instructor.

Terry aka Teresa Del Giorno PTA, CMA, CLM, CMT has been employed in Health Care as a Medical Assistant, Case Manager, Patient Educator and Advocate since 1985. Her experiences, in clinical settings of Homeopathy, Nutritional, Women's health, Pediatric, Urgent Care, Cardiology, Physical/Manual Therapy and Internal Medicine, providing care and assistance with diverse populations has impassioned in her work a goal of promoting education, physical literacy and self care as an pre-adjunct to health care.

Her life long passion for dance has fueled her movement exploration in the form of Feldenkrais, Alexander Technique, Authentic Movement, 5 Rhythms, Franklin Method and Somatic Exercise.

These experiences combined, offer a multiplicity of ways to see and understand the body and movement, address body mechanics, and actualize self care practices that are well suited for non-dancers and dancers alike. Her work, an integrated continuum of a multitude of modalities, combined with her intimate experience with bodies lends itself to an embodied self care practice with an understanding of mind body coherency.