T. Del Giorno PTA, CMA, CLM

OFFERINGS Movement and proprioceptive trainings to enhance well being, reduce pain, stress reduction, restore ease of movement, encourage self reliance and promote self organization. Great for Corporate Wellness, Team Building, Dance Studios and Support Groups.

Self Massage and Body Play for all Bodies
Somatic Exercises
Healthy Steps-Lebed Method
Ground Movements

With various tools (which are provided) and our hands, exploration of our “blind spots”, areas in which we had no idea even hurt, we restore normal breathing patterns. We soften , lengthen, relax, lubricate and nourish our musculature and soft tissue. We stimulate trigger points that limit our joints’ range of motion allowing the body to reorganize for more efficient movement. Options include:
* 2 hour class, Techniques for immediate pain relief and tools for future self care maintenance. No experience required.
* 4 hour class Movement Assessments, functional anatomy and movement challenges to reset and reinform the body after the self adjustments of self massage. Enthusiasm and Interest required!
* Private Sessions via Skype or Facetime

Simple, gentle and easy movements which can be done in as little as 10 minutes a day. Based on Thomas Hanna’s revolutionary work anyone can reawaken their body’s own natural mechanism for eliminating the cause of pain, limitations and injuries of poor use. The effects can be quick and long lasting. Some consider this akin to a spiritual and meditative practice, much like yoga, while others appreciate it as practical solution for personal care and maintenance to enhance other movement practices. Somatic Exercises are for relaxation, repair, pain relief, injury prevention, prehab/rehab, fitness improvement and self correction of faulty movement patterns. Options Include:

* Eight 1.5 hr. Consecutive weekly sessions utilizing the Cat Stretch
* Three hour Session Balancing from Within
* Prerequisite Able to descend to the Floor and lay Supine, Suggested Pre Class Reading

Management of Lymphedema and Chronic Illness. Lebed Method as it was formerly called has shown in clinical studies to reduce lymphedema associated with breast cancer surgery. It has proven helpful in mobility and vitality challenges in many types of chronic illness. The symptoms of MS, Parkinson’s, CFIDS, chronic pain and poor balance have all been diminished with regular movement. Healthy Steps-Lebed offers a clinically proven therapeutic movement program.
1. Private Sessions via Skype or FaceTime
2. Private Sessions via housecalls

Most fitness professionals and a few PT’s are savvy to the therapeutic power of a ground based movements as a Rehab, pre-workout and good fitness option which focus on fundamental movement. Informed by developmental movement, Physical & Manual Therapy, Fascial Stretching, Modern dance, Feldenkrais, Bartenieff and play! Relieve:

* Tightness
* Weakness
* Limited Mobility
* Poor control and coordination

3 hour workshops Including Assessments

Are you frustrated trying to figure out the healthcare maze?

Are you caring for elderly parents or a sick relative or friend? Not sure what resources are available? I can help you.

I have been employed in outpatient health care settings for over 30 years. I have assisted thousands of patients and dozens of family members and close friends in a variety of health care crisis. My services range from elder-care and patient advocate to health and wellness coach. I can help you or a loved one navigate this sometimes confusing path.
Whether you are stuck with an insurance, pharmaceutical or medical claim or are diagnosed with a condition that requires ongoing and specialized care we can offer solutions. If you a healthy individual and are awestruck with the recommendations for cancer screening, healthy eating and living; I can provide you with resources and answers to this healthcare maze!

We offer single session consults, ongoing management assistance via online or telephone.

The World Health Organization indicates that the fastest growing disease statistic is in musculoskeletal. The American Academy of Pain Medicine report 26 million people complain of back pain at some point in their lives. Some 25.3 million people report pain every day. In the US alone patients with musculoskeletal conditions incur total annual medical care costs of approximately $240 billion, of which $77 billion is related to musculoskeletal conditions. An OSHA study from 1990 found that the direct costs of work-related musculoskeletal disorders totaled $15 to $18 billion dollars per year. When adjusted for inflation, that is approximately $20 to $25 billion expressed in 2014 dollars. Other estimates place the number much higher.
The American Academy of Family Physicians has estimated up to two thirds of all office visits are for stress related symptoms. Recent research has indicated 60% of all HMO visits are made by people with no diagnosable disorder- the “worried well” and that many of these symptoms are related to a patient’s psychosocial functioning- such as depression, anxiety, social isolation and overwork. At least one third of chest pain cardiology patients with near normal coronary arteries have been found to be suffering from panic disorder.